Software Defined Networking

The advent of server virtualization has led to requirements for larger VLAN enabled layer 2 networks segments in order to provide IP address consistency when moving virtual workloads between physical servers. In both enterprise and service provider data centers the use of VLANs to provide this layer 2 network segmentation is running into the following challenges:

  • Scalability limitations within multi-tenant clouds due to the limitation of the number of isolated network domains (4096 VLANs) and MAC addresses that can delivered by a physical network infrastructure
  • Complete and secure segregation for multi-tenant networks
  • The need for network adjacencies to span across physical servers, networks and between data centers including network services without downtime or network redesign

SDN is the way to handle such challenges without any much disruption in network architecture. It is not only address the above mentioned challenges but also can integrate your applications directly with network layer to get better performance and resiliency.

Tirusa can support designing of your SDN strategy to take your IT infrastructure to next level.