Inspection Services

Helping You Ensure a Safe Working Environment

Tulsa Inspection Resources (TIR) inspects full pipeline systems, process plants, pump and compressor stations, terminals, and storage tanks. TIR values our inspectors and has over 80 classifications available that can be readily deployed anywhere in the US to support the energy industry. With 20 years of rich history, TIR supports small projects requiring a single inspector to major projects requiring hundreds of qualified inspectors.

Examples of Inspector Classifications/Qualifications

  • CPWI Certified Welding Inspector
  • AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector
  • Senior AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector
  • Chief Inspector
  • Assistant Chief Inspector
  • Polyethylene (PE) Inspector
  • API 653 Certified Tank Inspector
  • API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • API 570 Certified Process Piping Inspector
  • API 1169 Certified Pipeline Construction Inspector
  • NACE Coating Inspector
  • Materials Inspector
  • Office Administrator
  • E&I Inspector
  • Safety/Environmental Inspector
  • Tank Inspector (non-certified)
  • Mechanical/Civil Inspector
  • Utility Inspector
  • Specialized Inspectors
  • NDE Inspectors * API 1169 prep courses offered Inspection Services
  • Project Manager/Construction Manager
  • Please ask about other inspectors not listed. We will strive to meet our clients' needs and local requirements

Workforce Development

TIR participates in the PowerPathway program. Launched in 2008, PowerPathway is a nationally recognized workforce development model that aligns with line of business to create a qualified and sustainable pipeline of candidates for PG&E and the utility industry through public-private collaborations. The program promotes the use of military veterans and allows them a smooth transition into the skilled trade industry.

Veteran Support

TIR cherishes our partnership with the US Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge program allowing us the privilege to recruit and train military veterans. The program bridges the gap between military service and civilian life. TIR's ultimate goal is to assist our nations military veterans transition back into the common sector with a unique set of skills which can be used throughout their professional career.