Safety is Our Culture

EHS Statement

EHS excellence is a core value at Tulsa Inspection Resources (TIR).   We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner that ensures the safety and security of the public, our employees, client and contractor employees, client assets, and the environment.  At TIR, we are dedicated to a process of continual improvement through a culture that encourages openness, two-way dialogue, continual assessment, engagement and leadership at all levels, and an environment of mutual trust.

TIR is a member of ISN, Veriforce, Avetta, NCMS, ShovelSafe (Golden Shovel) and MEA.  We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in EHS performance through proactive engagement with employees and clients.

TIR utilizes in house and third-party learning management systems to ensure that our employees have access to high quality essential training.  We maintain both in house and third-party databases for record keeping ensuring that training is up to date and that records are easily accessible.

Employee Safety

Safety is our priority every single day. Working as a team, each employee is responsible for ensuring that their coworkers return home safely at the end of the day – we take that responsibility seriously. Our intense focus on safety benefits our suppliers, shareholders, coworkers, and customers. We are committed to preserving a safe and healthy workplace for all our team members in every situation and role. We know it takes hard work to be a leading inspection and integrity provider. That's why we're committed to maintaining the safest possible work environments in all our operations.

All our employees take responsibility for safety in everything they do daily including compliance with widely held standards of workplace safety, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employee feedback and periodical evaluations. Safety begins on an individual level and our employees take ownership and are responsible for their own well-being and that of the people around them.

PG&E onsite

Stop Work Obligation

All employees are empowered and obligated to stop any job they believe is being performed with compromised safety. This not only helps ensure employee well-being, but it also establishes field-wide responsibility for the safety of all operations.

Employee Involvement

Every effort is made to draw employees into the safety process. From one-on-one coaching and communication meetings to participation on safety committees, we require employees at all levels to be involved in our safety initiatives.

When it comes to safety, we see our workers as an extension of the safety management team. They lead us in day-to-day precautions, assist in hazard recognition, conduct behavioral observations, and even drive the focus of facility inspection.

Cybersecurity & SAFE Technology

We provide our technicians with the proper tools to keep them safe in the field while simultaneously enhancing the operators cybersecurity. Our package is appropriately named "SAFE" standing for Secure, Accountable, Focused, Employee. The technology utilizes GPS technology to manage remote workers, track mileage, provide emergency weather alerts, and geofence any asset to know when inspectors arrive and depart.

SAFE Technology Enhances Communications, Security, Safety, Compliance & Cost/Risk Management:

  • GPS location, tracking , geofencing , alerts,speeding, and customized reports.
  • US Government designed FirstNet proprietary 5G specialized network designed for first responders and critical infrastructure workers like TIR.
  • Cybersecurity software loaded on a new, ruggedized smartphone, with push to talk capability & secure email.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirements to ensure that only authorized users and devices are accessing our collective systems.
  • Safe and secure virtual desktop infrastructure to be used for all company/business related communication.
Mitch Wade

Mitch Wade, BS DC

EHS Director

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